Empowered to explore, inspired to learn.

Pupil Voice

South Grove understands the importance of involving children in the developments and improvement of the school. Listening to the children and acting on their opinions alongside that of staff and parents, very much support whole school development.

The Children have developed their own Children’s Improvement Plan that they have devised to run alongside the School’s Improvement Plan. It is intended that the children play a key role in developing and improving the provision within the school for all children.

Each group has a job description and the children apply for the roles available at the start of each academic year.

School Council

Members of the School Council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed in the Children’s Improvement Plan.

They will write their own Action Plans for each term and review them at the end of the term. New actions will be written into the plans. The School Council meets with the Head Teacher on a regular basis and will discuss progress towards these plans. There may be times where additional items are discuss ie. School lunches, ideas for fundraising events, producing children’s newsletters or updating the website. There will be times when the children will be involved in recruiting and interviewing staff for South Grove. Minutes are written and members of the School Council produce a power point to feed back discussions and actions to their classes.

Sports Leaders

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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

The Anti- Bullying Ambassadors have a key role to play in the school in ensuring that we all feel safe and happy. South Grove Primary School is a Bully Free Zone and  this group promotes this positive idea by meeting children in the playground who might look unhappy and supporting them. This was recognised and celebrated by Ofsted. We meet regularly to think of ways of promote and celebrate this fantastic school. We are aware that a bully is someone who repeatedly bothers someone.  

Sometimes we can make wrong choices and we then face consequences; but we learn from this and make the right choices next time.  Anti-Bullying Ambassadors received training from KIDSCAPE and a Primary Bullying Intervention Training certificate for the work completed. We were the first school in the Local Authority to achieve this award. A Working Party group is in place to update policy and plan events.  We follow and promote the school’s positive behaviour policy and the 3 R’s.

Language Buddies

The Language Buddy Group is a group of children from the school that help to support those children who are learning English for the first time. Their job is to help support the new arrivals with settling into the school. This is an excellent job as part of it is helping to celebrate all of the many cultures in this school.  We have over 40 different languages at this school and we represent many countries in the world. How exciting is that!  Language Buddies are in place to help us celebrate the diversity and create an environment that values all different cultures and religions.

Makaton Ambassadors


Makaton buddies are selected from Key Stage 2 classes. Their role is  to support all students and staff to use Makaton signs to help better communication. They do this by:
Learning Makaton signs for songs during singing practices and occasional Makaton Buddy meetings
Standing at the front during some assemblies to demonstrate Makaton signs for songs
Doing Makaton signs for songs alongside PLM pupils to boost their confidence
Working with Mr Quinn, Mrs Turl and PLM staff to promote the use of Makaton signs by the whole school community while singing and for everyday communication.


Other Student Groups

Play  Leaders

The children support adults within the playgrounds to engage children in a range of games and sports to ensure a positive and social playtime. This role helps them to develop leadership skills such as organization, communication, and teamwork. It also allows them to develop their confidence and self-esteem. Their role is:

  • To be prompt to arrive at their play ground on their duty days
  • Initiate  organized games for children to play
  • Encourage children to try out different games
  • Support adults in tidying the equipment away
  • Find friends for children that are on their own
  • Ensure that they are back to their line before their lessons begin for the afternoon

Office Assistants

The role of the Office Assistant is to be guided by and support the Office Administration Team in the smooth running of the office.  Their role will include:

  • Delivering letters to classrooms, paper work to teaching staff
  • Helping to organize paperwork within the office.
  • Take messages to adults

Dining Room Advocate

The children will be put on a rota and report for duty in the dining hall on their allocated day. Their role is:

  • To encourage all children to eat healthily
  • Promote excellent table manners
  • Encourage everyone to be tidy and to leave the dining area clean after they have finished eating
  • Work as a team to ensure Dining Room Advocates are at the entrance and exit doors, at the wash basin, at the salad bar, giving out the cutlery, walking between the tables and at the recycle and waste area
  • Encourage behavior expected as part of the school’s positive behavior code and work with adults to support this

South Grove Tour Guides

Children will be selected to show visitors around the school. They will greet the visitors within the Reception Area. They will be very polite and explain what the tour will include. They will walk around, holding doors open, and explaining areas that they are walking through. They will respond articulately to any questions the visitors have. They will report back to the adult member of staff who accompanies them on the tour to feed back any questions or give any additional information regarding the tour.

Mentoring Scheme for Years 5 and 6

The purpose of the scheme is to link every child with an adult  mentor within the school for one to one dialogue. This is a member of staff at South Grove and will range from teaching staff, to our Office Administration Team to our Cleaners and Midday Assistants.

The Mentors will meet with their nominated child once a week to discuss anything that is happening for them in that week. It could be a significant change in their learning, to celebrate something and share, to share a concern or worry that their Mentor may help them with.

Some of the techniques we use are:

  • The Role Model
  • The Supporter
  • The Coach
  • The Idea Bouncer
  • The Problem Solver
  • The Challenger
  • The Listener

Each child receives a journal to write their ideas in and to share with their mentor each week.

It has proved extremely valuable to the children and they always seek their Mentor out!

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn